Contoh Soal Unit 3

Choose the correct answer!
1. The student are getting the lecturer ... the schedule.
a. change     c. to change
b. changing  d. changed
2. All people make the new leader ... the need for justice and equality.
a. emphasize     c. to emphasize
b. emphasizing  d. emphasized
3. The instructor had the trainees ... a project report.
a. making     c. made
b. make       d. to make
4. The speaker is getting the audience ... to his speech.
a. listen        c. listening
b. listened    d. to listen
5. The new government will have the budget of education ...
a. increased        c. increase
b. to increase     d. increasing

Choose the letter of the underlined word that is not correct
1. Luis got his sister read his class assignment, and then asked her to write the report for him
                                A                                                                      B                            
because he did not have enough time.
C                                      D
2. The director had them to work committees to plan a more effetive advertising campaign
                                        A                             B           C
for a new product.
3. James' lecturer had him to rewrite his thesis many times before allowing him to present it
                                             A                         B                          C                      
to committee.
4. I always go to the hairdresser's to have my hair to cut every month.
                  A                                 B                      C          D
5. Why don't you make her doing it herself.
      A              B                   C            D
6. Hendry always gets the room cleanly every day.
                             A        B         C         D
7. Father will have the mechanic repaired my care before I use it tomorrow.
                  A                                 B            C                 D
8. The police officer had the suspect to fill the form.
            A                  B            C       D  
9. Nadine usually gets the women sweep the floor in the morning.
                  A         B                     C                            D
10. Father will have the room clean before the guests arrive.
                        A                    B                   C            D

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