Contoh Soal Unit 1

Exercise Unit 1

A. Choose the Correct Answer
1. The jaw structure of a snake permits it to eat and digest animals much larger than ...

    a. it     b. its     c. itself     d. it has
2. Sports medicine experts agree that ice should be applied immediately when an athlete suffers an injury to       ... leg
    a. its     b. an     c. the     d. his
3. The policemen ordered the suspect not to remove ... from the hood of the car
    a. their hands     b. his hands     c. them hands     d. him hands
4. The company has so little money that ... cannot hardly operate anymore
    a. it     b. their     c. its     d. they
5. His father does not approve of ... to the banquet without dressing formally
    a. his going     b. him to go     c. he goes     d. him going

B. Choose the letter of the underlined word that is not correct

  1. (AAccording to the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Construction, (Bno person should be (Ccompelled to be a witness against (Dhim own.
  2. According to the theory of natural selection, the man who was able to use (Athe hand and feet most (Cfreely to walk and grasp was the one (Dwho survived and envolved.
  3.  Although Barney Clark lived only (Aa few months with that artificial heart, doctors were able (Bto learn a great deal from (Chim having (Dused it.
  4. According to Amazon legends, men (Awere forced (Bto do all of the household tasks for the women    warriors (Cwho governed and protected the cities (Dfor they.
  5. After she (Ahad bought (Bhimself a new automobile, (Cshe sold (Dher bicycle.
  6. (ABefore my parents (Bwent home, (Cshe had bought (Dme some food.
  7. Peter and Tom (Aplay tennis (Bevery morning (Cwith Marry and (DI.
  8. A mosquito’s (Awings move about one hundred (Btimes per second. (CThem wing movement is the sound we hear when a mosquito is (Dhumming in our ears.
  9. If it is (Akept dry, a seed (Bcan still sprout (Cup to forty years after (Dtheir formation.
  10. Because Sam and Michelle (Ahad done all of the work (Btheirselves, they were (Cunwilling to give the (Dresults to Joan.
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